Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Day at Day Care

This morning, it was Puri's turn to she has had enough of being home alone. She has been watching how my kids get up the car. For the past week, she has been lurking around the car door to figure out how to do it herself. Today, she thought that she can graduate from Home Care to Day Care. So, she decided to climb into the car with Ruki.


When it is time for grandparents to go out, no hanging around the driveway/ garden or "escorting" the car down the driveway or running outside the gate. My kids are trained from young to take position at the pond bridge by command "ON THE BRIDGE".

Puri needs to be trained as well. Like today, she escorted the car out the driveway  and ran out the gate. NOOOOOO... my parents will not be happy with this :(

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