Friday, June 21, 2013

It's all in their names

I have a confession to make.
I've been secretly calling her Dori for some time now.
When I used to call her Puri, I always visualising "Bali" or something Indonesian. Like I remember our old indo maid - Puji. Her original given name Bori draws a blank image in my mind most of the time. Sometimes, I think of barley when I call her (Bori means barley in Korean). But, Bori always seemed way to masculine for her.
So, searching for a close enough sounding Japanese name, it was Dori.
Midori - her new full name seems more fitting for her Princess Midori.
Now, each time I call her, Ellen DeGeneres's face pops up in my head (more than her fish character in Finding Nemo) for some reason.
Sometimes I call her "Dor" for short, I am thinking of some Swedish barbarian-looking guy. Oh well.... I can't help thinking in images.
Haruki - means sunshine in Japanese. He was named after my favourite Japanese author - Haruki Murukami.
Mariko - means village girl. My favourite Japanese girl name. I remembered it from the first time I heard it in "Shogun" starring Richard Chamberlain. Mariko was his love interest.
Midori - means green. My favourite colour. Co-incidentally my favourite female character from my favourite Murukami novel - Norwegian Wood was called Midori.
So, finally these many variation for each of them which I use... (yes, the name calling probably confused them).
Long name = Haruki
Medium name =  Haruk, Ruki
Short name = Ruk
Long name = Mariko
Medium name =  Marik, Riko
Short name = Rik
Long name = Midori
Medium name =  Mido, Dori
Short name = Dor

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rara pirate said...

Very nice name. Perfect for her. Dori :)