Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life in times of haze and heat

I thought things have settled down pretty much.
Girl house-trained. Everyone goes to day care.
Then, girl goes on heat. Boy becomes a monk. ((Good boy))
Everybody comes home every night - one big happy family.

Then, one day last week - both Dori and Riko decided conspired to stay at home instead of going to day care. So, they were home alone all day. I wonder what were they up to together.

But, I guess they were bored to death because the next day, Dori didn't want to go home and Riko decided she will stay on with her at Daycare. And, I had some one-on-one time with my boy at home. It seemed like a good thing  after all, he spent two weeks at day care full time when Dori first arrived.  

The next night, Riko decided she wanted to stay overnight at Daycare on her own. So, I came home with Ruki and Dori. And the next night, Riko stayed on with her brother at daycare. So, I came back with Dori. By now, I didn't know who will come home with me every night.

Then, Ruki decided to end his monk-hood.
...and the haze came...complicating the whole arrangement at day care because the kids have to stay indoor. Since Ruki has now a big crush (literally) on Dori now ...they cannot co-exist under one roof!

So, the girls are home alone at my place, while Ruki is at day care.

Last night, I did a crazy thing. I brought my boy home because he refused to come indoors at day care despite the heavy haze. My house windows were all closed. All the air-conditioners were turned up. Everyone was indoors as if it was a cold winter's night (except that it was all haze outside).

Well, I must say it was not the best idea to have a sex maniac hot-blooded casanova, dumb blond and innocent brunette schoolgirl under one roof. It was like playing musical rooms - there's a girl's room and boy's room. One door can open at one time and everyone took turns to play and pee.


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