Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not time to surrender her ovaries

It looks like Puri will keep her ovaries for another 2 months.
Her original appointment two weeks ago was cancelled due to her sudden paralysis. I managed to re-schedule to the next earliest appointment set for today.... but I had to postpone to Friday due to work. Then, the vet called to cancel our Friday appointment because of insufficient vet for the procedure.
When we finally set a new appointment for next Monday, Puri decided to go on heat.
Started out with some spots of blood on the floor, two days ago. At first, I thought it was from their overzealous playing as I did see some wrestling bite marks on Riko's leg recently. Everybody was body-checked....nothing suspicious came up. Even my Romeo boy (barometer) did not raise an alarm about anyone on heat at home. 

I think my boy has turned into a monk.
Last night, he paid no attention to Puri but mysteriously wanted to sleep indoors with the girls. Hmmm.... For fear of hanky-panky while I was sleeping, I had to throw him outside.

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