Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everybody's on a DIET from now on

Since the health scare, I've made some conclusions. Ruki needs to lose at least 4 inches of his waistline. Riko needs to appreciate her meals more. Brownie needs to put on weight... lots of it. And I need to eat well - more veges, less meat and coffee.

So this week, we decided to do this.
1. I will go cold turkey on my coffee intake and bring lunch to work.
2. Have mental note to not think of nasi lemak. I had sinned last week at Uncle Lim's.
3. The kids will have homecooked meals.

Weekend menu

beef tenderloin cubes
chicken liver
rice with a bit of pearl barley
Pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, guava
dash of extra virgin coconut oil

beef shanks
chicken feet
chicken gizzard and liver
rice with mashed pumpkin
carrots, potatoes, brocoli
dash of extra virgin coconut oil

Riko's first reaction - I think she thought I was going to poison her.

And...Ruki...he would eat anything. Even chopped guava and long as he can get to the meaty bits.

So far, Riko seems to want to have a cup of her regular kibbles once we get home. Ruki seems to be is always hungry. To be honest, I can't tell. He gets his nightly spoon of greek yogurt before bedtime. No extra kibbles.

I will be on stool-monitoring duty. So far, they seem to have smaller poo. I don't think Ruki did his morning poo. Plus, I thought that home-cooking would be a daunting task. In a way, it's comforting to know what they are eating. So far so good.

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