Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Alone

Puri is home alone until she is ready to make a good impression at day care. My boy Ruki is a hot-blooded Romeo who pounced on her back the first moment they met. Hence, he is banished at day care until Puri is spayed.
I brought him back yesterday evening to see whether they can all get along cordially. But, the moment he got down the car, he went to hug her. So, he was kept outside the house until he kept barking wanting to come in. So, he was driven back to day care to spend another night there.
Sadly, we have to live separately for now. My poor boy. Missing him at home :(
Puri seems more settled in last night and this morning. When we were ready to get into the car to go to work, she went to sit by the patio (photo above). Maybe she knows she has to stay home.
Note: My patio chair is pushed against the table for a reason. The early days when my kids were left home alone, one of them (suspect Riko) dug a big hole in the cushion. For the longest time, the hole was left untreated to make sure that Riko's growing pains to pass over. I only got it upholstered last year for the price of a bomb and a half.

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rara pirate said...

Glad to hear that Bori (Mr. Louis corrected her name spelling :p) has sort of settled down. Am missing her. Thought of coming to see her soon..will let u know.