Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Puri

 We met Puri at the warehouse this morning. She has been staying there for almost a year.  Although the location is not conducive for a dog, she was well-loved by her caretakers.

This is her primary caretaker, Hassan and Carolina who helped co-ordinate the mission. Both were sad to see her go.

 First stop was to the vet. She is 30 kg. Doctor said she has a great coat. We weren't totally sure about her medical background - last vaccination, spaying, heartworm prevention. There seem to be an old surgery sutures but the caretaker said that she still goes on heat. We have to re-assess this in the coming weeks. She was given her annual 9-in-1 vaccination and deworming pills.

The true challenge came when we got home. Unfortunately, my boy Ruki was behaving like a desperate Romeo who could spend the whole day sniffing her behind or trying to hump her. Not good. :(

They have to live in separate homes for now. I am concern about having her at my house due to old lingering virus from Brownie. The boy is at my parents and the girls are with me. I think Puri is used to peeing and pooing on concrete instead of grass. She did both at my parents' driveway....which will not give a good impression to win their hearts. So, I have to take her back with me.

I think my girl has mixed feelings about having a gal pal. Being the baby of the house, she might be a bit jealous of the attention elsewhere and maybe annoyed that someone is ruining her weekend routine with momma. Hope she warms up to Puri soon. We managed to go for our usual evening walk. Puri did a short walk to the park too.

Dinner time - Puri didn't touch her regular kibbles despite sniffing her bowl a few times during the night. Maybe it's all the change and excitement.....or the dash of salmon oil I put in. Have to watch her eating habits tomorrow.

She was fairly restless all day - checking out the house. We had a short nap in the evening. When I woke up, she had pee in the house although the backdoor was open to the garden. Maybe that's why she nudged me during my nap because she wanted to pee. I hope so. We will need to work on this to be able to go to day care.
 She is getting a few winks of sleep today. Every sound wakes her up. This is like having a new pup again. It's gonna take a whole lot of patience and time.

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