Friday, May 31, 2013

The day after meds

At bedtime last night, Puri was lying in the hall, looking pretty much paralysed. So, we bid goodnight and went to the bedroom. A few minutes later, she came limping into the bedroom. I guess she did not want to be alone outside.
This morning, she was lying in the bedroom although we tried to do the regular routine to get to the garden to pee and poo in the first thing in the morning. She remained in the room as I prepared for work.
The vet said that she will probably feel better in the morning once the medication kicked in. Hence, I was worried that it was more serious than expected. Worse still, the vet is closed tomorrow due to a public holiday.
My sister dropped by and Puri decided to get up to see what was happening. Her legs were still stiff at first. Then, she seem to be ok with standing and back to "her normal clingy self"....wanting to jump and get into the car. Maybe, she thought she couldn't walk at first and then, realized that she was back to normal.
She should not exert herself too much because whatever is given to her now is only a temporary relief. Will have to schedule for x-ray to see what is the actual problem.

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