Thursday, May 30, 2013

Suspected arthritis

Puri was scheduled to be spayed today but she did not make it for the surgery. On Tuesday night, I did noticed her front leg was slightly limping Since yesterday, she had trouble walking. Literally, she could not put pressure on her hind leg for long periods.
We went to the vet today. As it happened suddenly (at least to me), it might have been a stroke. The vet said it might be unlikely as she is still considered young. By physical observation, there is some stiffness in the legs and inability to put much pressure of her hind legs. It might be arthritis.
She was given an anti-inflammatory jab and is taking anti-inflammatory pills and nerve supplements. On top of that, she has to be on glucosamine. Have to put on a proper diet.
At the moment, she has to be monitored and to make sure she can resume the function of her hind legs. Doctor said with the medication, she should feel better tomorrow. Next week, I think she will need to get x-rayed to ascertain for sure what the issues are.

According to the vet, she might be in some pain and hence, she should not be moving about a lot. Anyway, she is immobile (not by choice) and has to be brought out to the garden to use the toilet. She poo-ed today. But, I have not seen her pee...which is worrying at this point.
Each time, I bring her out....she wants to come in the house again. I hope she heals soon.

Right now, she has to gain strength to stand up, put on diet, take her medication and get x-rayed. Only then, we know what can be done. Poor girl. She has been such a trooper... she's is in some discomfort but she is totally quiet about it.


mhhasan himu said...

huhuhuhu :'( :'( :'( :'( i'm feelings so sad

mhhasan himu said...
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mhhasan himu said...

She will get well soon,right Ms, Syn Ti?

beeworks said...

I hope she will feel better soon