Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gunshot wounds, slash scars and bite marks

The blog silence is killing me. My dearly beloved home modem had recently died and gone to heaven. The new modem has been acting up. So, pardon the dust on my blog.

Meanwhile, the kids are well...maybe, playing a little to hard lately.

I've been finding all kinds of injury on them. The first one from Mariko looked like someone's tooth sunk into it...and when the scab fell, it looked like a gunshot wound.

This is Riko's first gunshot wound.

Then, it was Ruki turn. The injury was difficult to detect due to his thick fur. I remember one night, there were blood stains on the floor where he laid. I did a full body check ... mainly on the paws because I thought he may have stepped on glass during our walk. Nothing. Then, a couple of days later, I noticed some fur at the top of his body was out of place. When I was combing it back, I found a loose Julienne slice of his furry scalp sticking out... like he was slashed by someone.

When that wound healed, Ruki developed a hardened skin on the tip of ear. Fears ranged from mites to some flesh-eating disease. So, off to the vet. It turned out to be bitten. Looks like my girl may have been chewing on his ear!!

Then again, the boy chews on her ear too!!

This week, I discover a julienne-sliced wound on Riko. Now, I'm totally cool about it and treating them as routine cuts-and-scrapes on my kids.

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