Saturday, April 23, 2011

Uh-Oh we're in trouble

Yesterday, Riko shredded some tissues along our driveway. As usual, when she heard "WHO DID THIS?"... she conveniently left the scene of the crime to god-knows-where. This morning, I found the tissues on the driveway... the same old bits that I swept into the outdoor dustbin. As usual, I said "WHO DID THIS?". Girl left the scene. Boy came over to begin his investigation. He picked up the bits and shaking about as if wondering who could have done this. Then, he got on to shredding them into smaller bits...perhaps, in an attempt to lose the evidence.

Normally, the girl will run out to the backyard to hide until the coast is clear. But, since I fenced of the back garden temporarily, she has made used of my baby frangipani tree as cover. That was until the tree grew taller and she had to find a new cover.

So, this is her new hiding place... at first, she kept very still...I didn't notice her camouflaged against the window.

until the boy came over to busy-body..

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