Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breaking News: Riko was kidnapped!

I visited Riko again this afternoon. As you can see, Riko was still looking sad with her cone of shame. The vet said she was whining in the afternoon when the other dogs started barking. She was drinking but still not eating. So, I tried feeding some canned dog food. She chomped it down in seconds. Good sign.
After some long conversations with the vet, he asked whether I wanted to take her home overnight. Can I really? Since the first night, she was on she may not remember a lot. But, today she's fully conscious....I think she will be more scared today...or rather I will be more frightened for her.

So, I took her home sooner than expected. I just needed to take precautions to reduce her mobility. The vet bandaged her sutures before we left.

Meanwhile, Ruki boy will full board at Daycare...while I care for Riko at home. When she came back, she did a long wee (like the kind you hold when you are out all day and didn't dare use the public toilet).

Then, she went in and drank a whole bowl of water. Then, she laid down and went to sleep.

When she woke up, she let out a bark..replying to some distant barking somewhere. She was then escorted outside to pee. She finished her plate of kibbles.

Now, the challenge is how to juggle both kids between homes. They cannot be together for another week. Yikes!

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