Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Day

Today, my baby went in for her surgery. I guess she didn't see it coming...though, she must have thought her momma was going nuts with all the petting and pep talks lately.

Somebody else didn't see it coming too...or did he...

Maybe, he knew something fishy was up again (last time was when momma and Riko secretly went for pet therapy without him). This time..he wants nothing to do with this fishy business.

I brought her in at 10.30am. She was really scared because the place and people were strange to her. She refused to enter the kennel area...partly because another patient dog was barking really loud. I brought in my overnight bag of goodies - yogurt, kibbles, chicken/liver/ gizzard chops, a few butter cookies and peanut butter (in case she wasn't into regular food and preferred some junk food). The vet laughed at the things I brought. Well, Riko is one fussy eater. I settled her in and had to go for a meeting.

Apparently, the vet put her in the kennel after pre-medication before the surgery. She refused to come out of the kennel for her operation. So, they had to carry her to the table. Poor girl ...man-handled. :(

The surgery went well. I came to see her at 6 o'clock. She was still groggy and couldn't move a lot. She didn't want to eat and only drank a bit. After a while, she wanted to stand up (as if wanting to leave with me). But, her legs were too weak to hold up for long. :((

She is spending the night at the vet. It's not the best of place to be. I hope she'll feel better tomorrow.

Photos on 21 Sept 2010

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