Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lack of Bed(side) Manners

Although I claim to own a king size bed, the truth is I'm usually allocated 2 feet from the edge of the bed to sleep on every night. Since her surgery, my girl has been conquering a lot more of bed space and moving up to the pillow section. Maybe, she thinks she deserves more now that she gave up her ovaries for me. Yikes!

One night, I found her sprawled diagonally on my side of the bed and I had to sleep on the opposite side. The following night, she decided to sleep where my feet, I had to sleep with my legs curled up. Some nights, I have to sleep diagonally as she refused to re-position herself mid-sleep. Somehow, I always end up with her butt right up my face. But then... just the other night, I woke up nose-to-nose with her e-cone head!

Ok, which side should I sleep tonight?

Note: The blue sheet is her original zone.

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