Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes I wonder where they came from

While Mariko seems to be taking centrestage lately, my boy is pretty happy being laid back in his ways. They are so different growing up which makes it interesting these days. Since my boy first took his walk outdoors, his nose has been eternally stuck to the ground... excitably sniffing away. He's hardly aware of anything around him when he's on the scent. My girl, on the other hand, isn't into sniffing (thank goodness). Rather, she is happy looking left, right and behind as she is walking. So, Haruki's more like a smelling boy and Mariko's more a visual girl. Sometimes, I swear my boy is half human by the way he sleeps, snores and sighs. Riko's half-lamb-half-deer with her skip-walking and her gisele-like glides when chasing/ being chased.

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