Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Curious Incident of my Dog in the Night

This is becoming a usual night scene at my home now.
Boy lounges indoors and retires to the bedroom at around 10.30. Meanwhile, girl stands guard outside the gate till I go to bed. She barks at any movement on the street. If I do get her to come in, she darts outside when she hears something...anything..Sometimes, she just runs out barking for unknown reasons. I assume that she felt something strange and needed to investigate.

It's interesting how her character is developing. She's a very inquisitive girl.

Photo of Mariko on 12 December 2009
(yeah...I know...I know... I don't have some up-to-date photos of Mariko. I will replace it once I get the right shot. Been trying to get her on night patrol, but each time I get near, she'll come over for a hug)

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