Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not-so-Old Yeller

Mariko has become rather "barky" lately. At first, it was just the random extra barks when she is with her brother outside. Then, she started to stay back by the gate barking into the darkness. Now, the faintest sound in the night makes her head bob up from her sleep for a bark. Each time this happens, my boy has this WTF look on his face....hahaha... Nowadays, he just sleeps through the racket. Unfortunately, I can't.

The kids are up around six every morning...barking inside the house. So, I crawl out of bed to open the door for them. They dash out as if the house on fire. I stagger back into bed. My boy returns in 5 minutes but the girl is still outside, barking continuously at some dog/ cat/ rat/ squirrel/ mongoose/ ghost. On good days, she stops after a while. On bad days, she goes on non-stop and I'm yelling for her from my bed to come inside.

I am now trying to be on dog time. In bed by 10pm and up at 6 am.

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