Friday, April 9, 2010

Drama Queen

It seems that each time I'm out walking my boy, mocha girl gets upset.

When she was younger, she will basically throw a physical tantrum - throwing things on the ground and making a mess. Nowadays, she cries out as if nobody loves her anymore...

Apparently, today she was so upset.... she whined all the way from the gate (after seeing us off) to the house to seek some attention. She came in, stopped whining for a few seconds (scared) when she saw grand-dad watching tv. Then, trotted back outside to continue whining..hahahaha..

So, grand-dad called out for her to come back into the house. She runs in to get her "attention". Such a drama queen.

Like always, she waits by the gate for us to come back. She gets so excited when she sees us because it's her turn to go walking.

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