Friday, March 30, 2012

Damage Control

So in some 24 hours, I spent close to RM2,000 on my kids' med bills. I can deem this the "cheap" side of the damage.

I will need the following items to improve our quality of living. Let's see here....

Lifetime supply of doggy meds - Frontline Spot-on (for fleas/ ticks), glucosamine (for hips) and Heartguard (for heart).

A new humans-only car for fur-free that my current car can be converted to a full-fledged dogmobile

A small house in the forest so that my kids can run offleash in peace.

A laB pool out back, to exercise the dogs

A litter of little Harukis

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hips don't lie

There are some things I fear in life for my kids and these are some of them.

1. My boy refusing any form of food and drink.
2. Regular vet is closed and you need to call the emergency vet service.
3. My boy tipping over 80 pound-zone.
4. Hip dysplasia.

Ruki was rushed 3 times to the Animal Hospital in KL last night.

Tue 9.30 pm On the first consult, the doc asked how many meals did he missed. For a moment, I heard myself talk like some psycho mum....hahaha...
"Just tonight's dinner..... BUT he has NEVER refused food before...EVER."

His temperature was 40 celcius (fever). As the lab and x-rays were closed at night, the vet could only do a physical examination. His spleen was swollen. Apart from that, he didn't yelp when examined. Suspected tick fever. Blood sample was taken but we will have to wait till morning for the results. We were given antibiotics and vitamins.

As the night went on, he was walking around the house. He'll stop and just stand ...sometimes, oddly facing the wall.

Wed 2 a.m. He was still not asleep. When he wasn't standing, he was sitting upright. It was really pitiful because I know he must be tired and sleepy but he couldn't lie down for some reason.

Wed 2.30 a.m. Called the e-Vet. Could he be bloating? He has been standing for the past 4 hours. Is he in pain? He's not whining or anything. Any home remedies? 2 charcoal pills....still nothing.

Wed 3 a.m. - we were speeding down Jalan Damansara enroute to hospital again. My boy was given a anti-gastric shot. The doc said he should feeling better in half an hour.

Wed 6.30 a.m. - my boy hasn't eaten for 24 hours and hadn't slept a wink the whole night. So, we decided to leave early to avoid the traffic jam.

We waited till 9 a.m. for the doctor. He was weighed again. 40 kg. The doc said OMG. I'm thinking isn't it "normal" male lab weight, right? Well, after converting to pounds....88 lbs did sound scarier. I had in mind that he should never go over 80. So, we have to lose at least 10 pounds each....or between us....for a start.

So, Ruki stayed back at the vet to get x-rayed. Poor boy... he must have been exhausted but didn't complain. Such a trooper.

Wed 1.30 p.m. Holding my breath while listening on the phone...
Blood Test
Alievated white blood count.
Calcium - low side
E-cannis = negative (no tick fever)

X-rays (non-sedated) (I was worried about his heart & lungs)
Heart - ok
Lungs - ok
Spleen - swollen
Liver - slightly enlarged

I have another x-ray, but I can't tell whether that's the liver or heart. Gee....why didn't I become a vet?

Wed 8 p.m. ....Junior vet consult boy. He has the cutest side-step running probably due to bad hips . We have been procastinating that pelvic examination. So, we finally got the full works.

His right hip is a little more severe than the left. No surgery need....yet. He has to be on full preventative mode from now on - "lose weight", glucosamines and no dangerous stunts of any kind.

We brought Riko to see her brother and to get her tested for tick fever. He had come off the anaethetics and was sitting quietly in his pen. My sweet boy is such a trooper...for not being restless and all. If it was my girl, she would have whined her head off.

Thurs 9.30 a.m ....Senior vet consult
Strangely, the first thing the doc asked "Do you have a pool?" Gee....I'm wondering... Do I look like a tai-tai who lives in a mansion up Bukit Tunku?

Officially, my boy tested negative for tick fever but the enlarged liver and spleen seems to still show possible exposure. Hence, he needs continuous tick prevention to avoid exposure or relapse. The x-ray showed slight swelling in the prostate area, which might have been caused by the fever/ infection. Doc says "to consider possible cascration". What??

"What about my little Harukis??"
"He also needs to get laid first before he loses his balls"

Anyway, his weight has to be managed but the doc says no walking for at least a week.

We came home and he slept for most of the day. My baby girl's blood test was all-clear.