Saturday, October 20, 2012

Look what came in the post today

Ok, that's not my hand but that was very well the size of the baby snake I found in my post box this morning. Normally, getting the post meant just sticking my hand into the postbox....but after a few heart-attack episodes of wriggly lizard sticking on envelopes, I have tended to look before pulling anything out of the box.
Today, I found no lizards. Just a snake.
The brave me wondered a while whether to call the fire department but decided to take matters on herself. Since the only tweezer-like contraption I had was an eyebrow tweezer, I had to use the next best thing - chopsticks!
The plan was to pick it up and put it on a relocation program via the morning's garbage. Unfortunately the little snake wriggled itself from my chopsticks and fell into the drain outlet. I really hope it goes far far way and not decide to return to my postbox.
The kids will have to get supervised garden visits from now on.

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