Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Miss-chevious

Riko is slowly graduating into daycare as she completes her vaccination next month. Last Friday, she had spent her first full day there. In that time, I think she had at blast doing things she can't a home like rummaging dustbins, biting pots, pooing and peeing indiscrimately. Weird thing is "Daycare is usually where the rules are a.k.a. dad & rotan, while home is...well, free-for-all".

Today, little miss-chevious managed to escape through the fence into the neighbour's garden. She was caught and escorted back by the neighbour. Apparently, she was scared stiff by the whole experience. Dad had to stroke her for some time before she was calm enough to walk steadily on her own again. So, we all thought she was traumatized enough to never do it again.

Boy... were we all wrong. She was back on the other side of the fence the very next day.

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