Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guess who's came at bedtime?

It's customary to take the kids out for a final pee before bedtime. Last night, Ruki headed outside first. Immediately, he darted to the back of my car and stuck his head under boot side. I was wondering why was he trying to crawl under. I thought maybe it was a cat or something under the car. Moving closer, I realised it was this.

Before I could react, Miss Busybody was already under the car. Next thing, she was running into the house at lightning speed, with Ruki on her tail. I knew she had it with her. She headed straight under the sideboard in the living room checking out her new-found friend. By that time, I was gross out thinking that about frog intestines and blood. So, I went to get the broom and dustpan and brace myself for the aftermath.

The commotion proceeded into the study room. Two heads hovering over the helpless bullfrog. Both wondering what to do with it...hahahaha... It was a big one... like a mother frog the size of my fist. Thank goodness it was still alive, intact and oblivious of the fuss around her. Mama frog was promptly swept into the pan and escorted outside by the kids. It was let loose over the fence.

This is not the kind of drama one expects after midnight.

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