Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lame dog

It was Mariko's second vaccination day. More of her in next post.

The kids went to the vet. Ruki was going in to show his stance to the doctor. I've always thought he walks (waddles) like a girl, sits funny and runs like a bunny. Based on visual assessment by doc, Ruki's left leg is a bit bowed. :(( He asked whether he has trouble getting up or in pain moving etc. So far...nothing unsual. He's now about 80 pounds (37 kg). Doc say better to lose 10 pounds to be on the safe side. Good thing is he's quite, this will help to hold the weight better. The bad news is he's hasn't been neutered...coz with the "unkindly cut", it is likely that he will gain more weight.

For now, I will observe him more closely. No crazy running (so difficult with Riko around). He'll be starting his glucosamine supplements and going on a gradual diet too... Poor boy...but he looks so handsome here. :*

(Haruki is 1 year 5 months here, 20 Dec 2009)

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