Sunday, November 1, 2009

My dog is Ipoh mari one...

This was my boy at 8 weeks. Second day in his new home....looking so scared and sad :(

This is my boy showing off his IC (a.k.a. lesen anjing) today. Time flies....3 collar-change boy's all grown up!!

His father (Sire) is CH Robslyne Ritual Storm (Black-2005)
His mother (Dam) is Kenn Ming Princess (Yellow-2004)

Boy was whelped on 10 August 2008. A litter of five (mix of yellow and black pups, either 4:1 or 3:2 I can't recall now).

Did you know that my dog's original given name was Tansteven Carloes Rock? yes, ...Carloes Rock ...if I'm reading his M.K.A cert correctly.

Now, he's simply called Haruki. Short name is Ruki or Haruk (for whatever reason). Manja name is Tung-Tung.

So, I guess his full name is Haruki Leong Tung Tung....hahahaha...

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