Sunday, November 22, 2009

My boy...the total (male) diva

In recent months, the boy has been downright attention seeker.

When he's not sleeping or waiting for meals, he snitching things from me or nudging me up to my feet. He's been throwing his tantrum-like barks when he's bored. So lately, I've been trying to bargain with him (again). Well, in the past, I've sent him running to the backyard to check for cat invasions or the front gate for visitors. After a few times, he got the whiff that someone was crying wolf.

So now, I send him to look for his ball. It's funny to watch him react. First, he stops barking. Thinks for a sec...then runs outside to look for his ball. That's when I get my extra minute of what I was doing before he runs in with his ball. :D

Since he got his ball, I've to honour my side of the bargain. We go play fetch. Nowadays, he's super good at it.... playing fetch "volleyball style". He runs and jumps mid-air to reach the ball. Blocking...spiking..... fetching the ball and making a pee-stop on the return like a player with an attitude. And always, he's clever enough to take position in the middle of the garden like goalkeeper waiting for a penalty kick.

When he's done, he's does his frog pose (above) to signal that it's gameover.

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