Monday, November 16, 2009

The prisoner escapes...

I've been so proud of my boy for staying within the compound eventhough the gate is wide open. So proud that this imaginery boundary that cannot be cross without my expressed command.

Last Saturday, my boy decides that he could not wait to be strapped with his harness. At first, he stepped out just a bit...then, he started to smell the neighbour's bush ....then the next thing I knew, he bolts to the next bush and the next...

So, there I was chasing him down the road. Unfortunately, he didn't have his collar on...which made it difficult to get a good grip on him. Following him from behind, I can see that he doesn't look where he's going, he doesn't stop at the junction down the road. Not street smart wor...:(

Finally, I caught hold of him at the very end of the park. I think he had fun just running free. But, I was crossed....well, more scared stiff than anything else by the harrowing episode. I was just glad I caught up with him on foot.

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