Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growing pains

Since the tail-cliping incident, my boy has not gotten into the dog mobile in the morning. I guess he doesn't trust me with car doors during the day.

Monday - pleadings did not work. Boy was picked up at 9.30 am. Half hour alone time.
Tuesday - pleadings + dog treats did not work. Boy was picked up for daycare at 2 pm. 6 hours alone time.
Wednesday - more pleading + dog treats + ball = fail. Boy was picked up for daycare at 4 pm. 8 hours alone time
Thursday - more pleading + yogurt tub + licking previews + ball = FAIL. Boy stayed home the whole day. 12 hours alone time!!

I wonder what's so fun at home. Is he still traumatised or he thinks guard duty is fun? Well, his grandparents drive by in the afternoons to spy on him. He has been caught sleeping on the job each time. At least, my garden and patio is still intact. He's taking his new duty in stride but I'd rather have in at daycare.

My boy is growing up too soon. *tear*

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