Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eat Drink Man Dog

I finally finished watching Food Inc this week. Had to pause after 10 minutes the first time because I couldn't get pass the chicken segment. I had to pace myself through the week to watch the rest. So, today I decided to pick up an organic grassfield chicken in the supermarket for my boy and maybe, me...if I have time to cook some of it. Isn't it nice to see that your food had a good life beforehand..

Hmmm...I wonder whether I could have something like this in my backyard.

...thinking....thinking...who's gonna kill the chicken when it's time?...hmmm...

The boy ate his first raw grassland chicken foot today. You should have seen his first reaction when I pass it to him. He had a "Yew...what-is-this" look on his face. The foot laid momentarily on the carpet until he figured it was edible. HAHAHA...

My boy was partial vegetarian for the past 2 weeks following raving recommendation from a fellow neighbourhood dog walker. Since switching his diet, he has developed skin itchiness (hot spots). I can't fully conclude whether it was due to the change in diet or the leave-in conditioner from his bath or the daily spoonful of yogurt. Otherwise, we are sort-of-eat the same food groups nowadays (except, I don't take his kibbles). Boy drinks chicken soup, gets my Udo oil, cod liver oil, carrots, pumpkins and yogurt (pro-biotics). After Food Inc, I guess I have to finish up the Ayamas antibotic chicken in the fridge, while he gets the fresh organic one.

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SoftBunny said...

Instructions on conditioner bottle
1. Dilute Conditioner with xx amount of water
2. Spray on Dog and Leave it on xx minutes
3. Rinse off throughly

What the owner did was
1. Wet the dog's fur
2. Apply undiluted conditioner on the dog
3. No rinse off

Can you blame the dog for itching??