Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The thinking dog

It's always amuses me when I watch Haruki making important decisions.

He stand momentarily frozen. Then, his brows start to rise from one eye to the other...and back again. Thinking....thinking...You can tell he's weighing his options rather than basing on his pure animal instincts.

Today, my mum reports that like clockwork, Ruki waits diligently at the foot of the staircase for my dad to awake from his nap. Everytime, my mum goes to the kitchen he follows her in hoping that his dinner is coming. A moment later, he dashes out to sit by the staircase again to continue waiting. My mum walked in and out of the kitchen a few time more over the hour. Each time, he follows her in for a second then dashes out to sit by the stairs.

So when dad finally comes down, mum pesters him to take him out. Then dad said it's almost his dinner time...and that he was very confident that Ruki would rather have his dinner than go for a walk. So, he said...see who he follows. Off went mum into the kitchen and Dad the opposite direction towards the front door.

*pregnant pause* then, thinking..thinking...

He zips beside my dad to go outside for his walk. This shows that my boy is not always motivated by food.

so, smelly sock or delicious treat?

well, it big the treat is.

Photo taken on 23 Aug 2009

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