Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meet the children and Ruki's first love

Today, Ruki made his first therapy visit to El Shaddai in Old Klang Road. The shelter houses 20-over kids (I think) from 4 to 17 years. He did a splendid job with the children and fell for a basset hound in the process.

The day didn't exactly start out all that exciting. Look at his sulky face. I think he was looking forward to a laid-back sunday.

But, things picked up as soon as we got there. The kids were totally unafraid of the dogs. They took to my boy like fish to water.

Just then, Ruki saw her...

It love at first sight or rather..sniff. He became more interested in the girl dog than anyone else in the party. So, for the rest of the time, we were all on hump-prevention mode.

The children were all eager to handle the dogs themselves. I was worried at first because Ruki is really strong. I can hardly hold on to him myself. But soon, the children got a hand of things....

The kids seem well loved and doing well in school. I spoke to their caretaker. The children are not only orpahsn...some were either abandoned or abused or come from poor families. The Shelter is sponsored by Mercedes Benz Malaysia. So, it's good to hear that their expenses are largely taken care of. The oldest child is 17 and will be sitting for her SPM this year. She will likely enter into a program with the company to study to become a teacher or a nurse. The boy (below left) is Muthukumar or Joseph. He is 13 years old and took an instant liking to Ruki. He knew quite a bit about dog breeds and asked how big is a bulldog and a doberman. He wants to have a large breed dog when he grows up. Below right is El Shaddai's wonder boy. He's really talkative and outgoing. He's brilliant in math and apparently is tackling math three levels more advanced than his age. According to the caretaker, he's Mercedes star resident.

Ruki had a great time and was totally exhausted from the outing. I think he'll be having hush puppy dreams for the next few days...hahahaha... >:)

After his nap, he was back to his good old self again. All ready to go for his evening walk.

Photos on 6 Sept 2009

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