Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

....always brings FROGS to the garden.

Last week got off with a good start. The boy dilligently slept indoors when it was bedtime. By the end of the week, nightly rain made it cooler outside. So, he decided to sleep outside. It doesn't end there though.... I have a faint feeling that he wants me to camp out with him...HAHA..

Every night without fail, he will start with his whines and then pace around the bed. If that doesn't work....he will bark and bark. If that doesn't work, he will half-climb on the bed and start to play-bite on my feet until I get up.

Once again, like many moons ago, he has come back to the phase of wanting my company outside as he jump around with the frogs in the garden.

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