Sunday, September 27, 2009

My spoilt brat

I had my mosquito netting fixed up this weekend. I was finally going to have a mosquito-free night and wake up to the sound of bird outside my window.

So, I was in bed with my fan on and the windows wide opened for the first time. It was slightly warm tho... and my boy became whiny and restless. so, tit-tit...and the air con came on...and all was well for the night.

Tonight, determined not to concede to another night of closed windows and air-con, the fan was turned up a notch. In minutes of plonking into bed, the boy was perched on my bedside wanting to go outside. Out he went. Soon, he came in again. Walked about the room trying to find a cool spot to sleep...but couldn't. Poor thing...

So, tit-tit...the air con is turned on for yet another night.

1 comment:

Mor Mor Bunny said... u take such compromising pics?? how is he going to face his future gf?? i m sure u'll show her these photos too!