Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scent of a woman (dog)

I will not hesitate to say that my girl smells great all the time. I'll sniff her whenever I can .... just to spot-check. I have no idea how she does it... but I'm not complaining. Both kids eat the same foods, bathe the same frequency and do the same stuff. My girl smells equivalent to a baby. It's very distinctively like burnt caramel. Perhaps, that's why she turned out to be brown in colour!

Meanwhile my Busuk* boy often smells like rotten be exact...dried fish...the Asian-style kind (a.k.a. ham yue). He has a thick coat and his past life or so...was a happy fish. He has to dip in his water pool every day ... rain or shine.

* Busuk = smelly in Malay

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