Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The poo saga continues....

The poor girl was still having soft poo yesterday. It looked like it was slowly forming to solid in the afternoon. But went back to black mush by evening. Excuse the graphic details...it's for future medical reference.

So, she' still on her chicken and rice diet....and she's likin' it. Maybe, being sick has its privileges. ;)

Poo Report #2
Chickened out of leaving the backdoor open again.
Went for Plan B - laying newspaper all over the kitchen floor.
Woke up at 6:10am. No smell. No poo.
Let them out. Both sleepyheads just sat in the driveway wondering why we were evacuating the building. Left the backdoor open and went back to bed.

Got up at 10am. My bad.
My bag was on the floor and stuff all strewn.
While I was sleeping, she ate a soft rubber and an angpow with ten bucks inside :(
BUT, NO ACCIDENTS in the house.
I didn't see her poo today yet.

Mariko on Feb 16, 2010 (she looks so skinny here)

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