Monday, February 15, 2010

The Law of Attraction

Today, I'm so focused on getting solid poo for my wouldn't believe it.

Poo Report #1
Got up at 6.45am. She'd already made 2 dumps by the back door.
I think she really wanted to do the number 2 outside. That's why they are so near the entrance. Last night, I wanted to leave the backdoor ajar for her...but chickened out imagining the cats or rats coming in. Well...a stoopid cat got in twice before!
While I was cleaning it up, she was sitting in a corner looking pretty embarrassed. Poor girl.
My boy went to the backyard for a sniff. Came running back in and sat up rubbing his bum. I think he thought he did it! hahahaha...he's such a silly billy...

Back to bed and woke up again at 8.45am.
She's on boiled rice and chicken for breakfast.

(Mariko at 3 months, Feb 14 2010)

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