Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poo Problem

My girl has been having runny poo. Poor girl. Poor boy too. He wouldn't step into the kitchen area for his food until the mess is cleaned up.

So, I've been on major poo cleaning duty all week. It has not been pleasant. This week was the first time I heard dog farts and smelt the silent bombs. hahahaha...she's does all this while sleeping!! o.O

For the life of me, I had no idea what could have cause this chronic syndrome...until today....while wiping her poo. Change her,, change her feeding time...OHH!! *lightbulb moment*

So, every since I got home at 4am last Sunday morning....I have been sleeping late and waking up after 9am the whole week. Getting to work at 11.30am :D. I have been feeding the kids at 10am, not the usual 8.30am. Possibly, they may be starving by 10am...

starving = gas built-up = eating too fast = swallowing air + indigestion = runny poo.

Now, I pray for solid poo every night. Ok, I have to sleep early from now on too...

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