Thursday, March 26, 2009

When the playing got rough

Mon chien makes it a point to nudge me to his indoor playmat (formerly my expensive turkish rug) to play every night. So, last night we sat on the mat and I was petting him. Then, things got out of hand. He decided to bite my wrist and not let go. Soon, he got to his jumping state. So, I reached for the magic wand and gave him a big whack in the butt. He was still persistent and I gave him a second whack. I think my poor boy was shocked because the rest of the night, he sat outside the house....occassionally peering into the window to see what I was doing in the study.

When it came to bedtime, he refused to get up. Finally, he came in with his head hung low ... after much coaxing from me (rather by command of 5 kibbles). Usually, he sleeps in the bedroom...but yesterday, he slept in the hall. He only came in before sunrise.

I think he thought I could play with him like Arwen. It was my mistake.

Photo on 30 November 2008

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