Thursday, March 5, 2009

To be or not to be

I've (sort of) decided that my son will be a house dog. "Sort of" because I'm generally a liberal parent. So, if he decides later in life that he wants to have his own pad outside, I guess he will be an outside dog. This would mean the boy's all grown up. *tear*

My mum says that while at day care, Ruki is a total homebody. When he follows someone outside or goes out to pee, he normally rushes back into the case he's shut out. Like in this photo.

It is the total opposite at my place. Perhaps because most of the time I do prefer him sitting prim and proper inside. Otherwise, he's outside jumping with the frogs or digging holes. Then, threading all the dirt back into the house. When he's in the can call him until the cows go home. He'll only come in when he's good and ready. So, I'm in my garden at midnight everyday with Ruki waiting for him to "smell all the roses" before having his last pee before bedtime.

*Ruki wee-wee* *chop* *chop*

Photo on 4 March 2009

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