Monday, March 23, 2009

Haruki's Report Card - March 2009

In French: he is mon chien (my dog)
Height: 23 inches and growing...
Weight: I don't know now...but he needs some exercise (like me)
Meals: 2 cup normal kibbles+ 1 cup diet kibbles twice daily + fresh minced beef/ liver weekends.
Favourite pastimes: Digging holes and pulling out plant in the garden
Favourite toy: his tug toy
Loves: running off with things and hoping you chase after him
Fears: my magic wand
Discovery of the month: brushing his teeth with dog toothpaste
Excellent: taking his shower and finishing his meals
Good: playing tug with me
Total fail: getting into the car after daycare and coming back into the house after his last pee before bed

Photo on 22 March 2009(at 7 months)

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