Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Haruki's Report Card - Feb 2009

Answers to: Haruki and Ruki, unless distracted by food or play
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 23 kg
Meals: 200 grams dried kibbles twice daily excl. mid-day bones and treats
Favourite pastimes: Dipping in water pool
Favourite toy: Any moving objects and plastic flower pots
Loves: Drinking water, eating and getting wet
Fears: Vacuum cleaner but has recently taken to barking at it instead of running away
Discovery of the month: Apples and humping

Excellent: sit, stay-before-meal time, licking his bowl clean
Good: Stand, heel and playing fetch
To improve: Down, recall, sit-stay, down-stay

Photo on 30 November 2008 (at almost 4 months)

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