Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Housekeeping

Sundays are usually the time I get to clean the house. It's nice to spend weekends puttering around the house. I've gone to "total vacuuming" because of Ruki's fascination on moving brooms. At first, he was scared of the sound of vacuuming and stays a good distance away. It was great to have a few moments of peaceful cleaning. But since last week, he has summed his courage to approach the machine. So now, I have to vacuum with him hanging about a feet away barking at the vacuum broom.

Ruki has become too big to swing him about on the mop head while mopping. Moreover, my once-lush mop head is losing its "hair" as the boy hijacks it whenever possible. So, he has to be leashed when I mop now.

This Sunday, I had a small tea party at my place.

Ruki was in his best behaviour under our feet...well, apart from the occasional toe-licking. :D

Photos on 15 February 2009 (at 6 months)

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