Sunday, April 1, 2012

The new norm

By doctor's order, Haruki should be on house arrest for at least a week. But, my boy was already giving the sorry face by Day 2.

So, yesterday we went for a short walk in the park. Let me say, a day in "dog years" must be damn long because he made sure he smelled every bush in the park. Thankfully, after getting off jail time and spending a day sleeping...his appetite is back to normal. Normal means waiting patiently on the kitchen floor as his meal is being prepared, wanting "seconds" and finishing up his sister's leftovers.

Ever since the health scare which had my boy spending the whole night staring out to nothing, I have developed some acute paranoia. I've started to check to see whether he is still breathing in his sleep.

And, I guess someone is feeling a bit privileged. There has been some attention on him with the visitors coming on the weekend bearing treats. For the past week, the air-conditioner is turned on for him. This was what I found when I turned on the bedroom lights last night.

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