Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marathon week

I've been having crazy sessions at work and at home for the past weeks. This week, it has reached to "marathon" status. Every waking moment is about work.

In the home front, we've been having rainy nights the whole week. This has made the evenings super cool and relaxing. Well, it has super great especially for my boy. His normal walks typically takes about half hour....which is when he starts to "overheat" and would gladly head home to dip in his pool. However, with the extra cool nights, he has been extending his walk time.

Last Monday, he walked me for an hour and a bit. Every time I tried to "short-change" him with a shorter route, he will notice and steer me back to the long-cut. When he noticed that he's approaching home, he will quickly move to the opposite direction.

On Tuesday, he walked me for a record 1 hour 45 mins! During the walk, we had 3 stand-offs - the first and second times, we stood at the sidewalk refusing to budge unless we were going in our own preferred direction. Mid-way through our stalemate, he decided to sit and wait at the roadside until I give up. And, I did (give up) and followed him. So, he took me round his route. The third stalemate, I was so ready to tie him to the nearest tree, come home and get the car to take him home. Finally, when we were close to home, I dropped the leash and told him that I was going home. He got the message and slowly prodded home (with a few deviations to the nearby bushes) too.

On Wednesday, he stayed overnight at daycare because I was too tired for another marathon. Typically, when this happens, he'll be the first to jump in the car when it's time to go home. This time, he has also started to climb into bed with us. Something he never does even as a pup. The only times he's on the bed is in the morning, when he wants me to get up to feed him pronto.

Thursday, we were walking in the steady rain in the night. Friday, we were walking in drizzle in the night. The neighbors must be starting to wonder about that psycho-woman in hoodies wandering about in the night.

Rain - very good for him, not for me.

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