Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOR GOD SAKE.....get a grip, lady!

My girl got her neck bitten by a 7-year old Golden Retriever yesterday.

This is the second time this happened. I didn't blog about an earlier incident with my boy. The first time, my boy was off-leash at night at the park. Out of nowhere, the lady and her dog came by. Yes, being off-leash has its risks and my boy is totally bad on recall command. So, he goes running off to meet (confront) him. Next thing you know, the silly lady start screaming and her dog takes a bite at my boy's neck.

My boy wasn't even fighting back. The other dog just continued sinking his teeth of into my poor boy. That stupid lady kept screaming and yanking the leash from the other end. FOR GOD SAKE, GET A GRIP!!

I had to run over and pry her dog's jaws out of my boy (and he didn't want to let go) and that stupid woman just stood there.

The same thing happened yesterday. My girl ran out the gate to the same dog. The stupid woman started screaming. COME ON....this is not a ROTTWEILER....and she's not ATTACKING YOU or YOUR DOG!

I had to once again pry open the Goldie's jaws...and he really didn't want to let go. So, I had to coax him first. That didn't work. I stuck my fingers in his mouth to pry his jaws open. Nada. It became more urgent when I saw blood. So, I had to hit his head a few times until he let go. That woman just stood at the end of her leash the whole time.

I really don't blame the dog. There was so much anxiety caused by her screaming. She didn't even bother to come over to calm her own dog. STUPID WOMAN.

I bumped into her son taking out the dog (Max) after he bit Haruki. He told me that Max was a rescue and they took him in this year at the age of 7. His past wasn't good...and is poorly socialize. So, I can understand.

But, her mom really needs to stop screaming and come to calm her dog. I don't think she knows that it's her dog that bit mine in the end!

I really need to have a word with her. I know it's wrong to have my kids loose for a moment... but, if it happens, they are not the killing, for God's sake, don't freak out!

My kids, especially my girl, doesn't know danger at all. She'll just run towards any dog she sees. Yesterday, she came out of it with neck scrapes and teeth marks. I wonder whether she's still traumatized.

Which reminds me, my boy had gotten loose one time when he was less than 1 year old. He ran towards the rottie down the road and got nipped. It's fair...he learned his lesson. Another time, a black lab that we used to bump in our morning rounds came out of the bushes and attacked (bit) Ruki. My poor boy was stunned...and he didn't fight back. At least those times, I didn't have any issues with the dogs or their owners.

Dogs are after all, dogs...

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