Sunday, December 27, 2009

When Haruki mets Mariko

wow...I didn't think that it's almost been a month since my last entry.

Actually, I have a valid reason for this. I had my hands were full the whole month. Apparently, some people have been busy looking out for a chocolate brown labrador for me and conspired to sabotage me late November with an email (the bait). A photo later (just looking..), a phone call (just asking..), half-day off, a trip to the foster home (just curious..) and she became my little mocha girl. An early X'mas present!!

Her name is Mariko.

She was born 20 October 2009 to a yellow and black labrador parents. An unexpected chocolate baby in the litter...the "surprise" brown gene re-surfaced from both parents. She was a tiny scrawny pup (7lbs at 8 weeks)...but spunky and feisty.

No doubt, she already has her 80-lb brother wrapped around her little paws.

Photo on 20 December 2009 (she may look a little black here...but she's brown alright, I check her fur everyday...ahem...)

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