Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When mon chien meets kitty

It seems that my place is being invaded by the neighbourhood cats. My flower bed has somehow turned into a litter box lately. GRRRR!!! This morning as I was preparing for work, I noticed that the stupid cat was lurking on my patio. So, I sent mon chien outside to give chase ....maybe, land a great big bite so it'll never return. Kill it? >:) ... maybe not coz who is going to clear the aftermath. YEEEWW!!!! I will have to brush Ruki's teeth like ten time over!

Mon chien has not been successful in chasing them. Most of the time, the cats are fast enough to climb up the fencing to escape. But, today this happened....

I didn't stay long to watch what happened because I overslept by 45 mins this morning. But when I took the photo, the cat didn't dare to move a muscle as he was cornered. Mon chien was watching him intently. (Talk about "manifesting" a chocolate brown lab..but what comes is a chocolate brown kitty. My message to the universe is not coming through exactly now...HAHAHA)

Anyway, a few minutes mon chien ran into the house. No sign of blood or dead body in his mouth. So, I guess my boy just wanted to sniff it.

Photo taken on 5 May 2009

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