Saturday, April 25, 2009

The one that didn't get away

Something really stunk in the garden. I thought it might been from my much neglected dog-poo duties...but this morning, the smell was distinctly un-shitty. It was something dead and rotting. Yeeeww!!

I thought it was a dead frog...a possible mishap with Ruki while jumping with his frog mates the previous night. After a closer look, I discovered that it was a rat...a baby rat. YEEEEWWWW..... I think its insides were still intact. Luckily....but... YEEEWWWW!!!

Since I had to rush for my morning meeting, we left it there. Hopefully, the sun will dry it out. Maybe, some stupid cat will come by and eat it up. Not such luck. When I came home, it was still there. Luckily, the stink was all gone. So, it was disposed off in a double-layered plastic. GROSS!!

I wonder when it died. I supposed mon chien killed it. Good boy!! but, did you kill it last night and then you came into the house, nudged me with your nose and nibbled on my leg?? YEEEWWWW.....GROSS......

or did you kill it in the morning when I let you outside and went back to bed for a few extra winks? Maybe not...since it was already stinking when I found it in the morning, it must have died much earlier. Did you sniff around the corspe and then nibbled my toes from my bedside? YEEWWW....

And so, today...the bed sheets went to wash and Ruki had his teeth brushed thoroughly!

Photo on 22 March 2009

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