Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Runaway Blonde


This evening when I came home, Riko and Ruki came running to greet me. What happened to Dori?

I asked my dad and he said she ran away. WHAT? My mum was out looking for her. The gardener came to mow the lawn earlier that evening and left around 5.30pm.... the last time the gate was opened. My mum realized the missing dog at 7pm during feeding time. One and half hours before alarm was raised...and nobody (dared to) call me?

At 9 p.m. (3 hours later). when I returned, she was still missing. OMG - what will I tell her previous owners? How do I explain it to the vet when I have to cancel her spaying appointment next Monday? Sorry I need to cancel coz I lost my dog.

I drove out looking for her but it was dark and the roads were really deserted. I had doubts she could not have wandered far. Plus, she is totally unfamiliar with the neighbourhood because she is not allowed to venture outside. Only my boy walks daily at day care. I doubt even Riko knows her way "home" to daycare or my house....let alone Dori.

Anyway, I stopped by the neighbourhood guard house down the road on my way back. The guard told me they saw a brown dog. Where? It was at Road 56, which was two roads from Daycare. He asked me to go to that guard house. Much relieved, I rushed to the guard house (met my mum in her car on the way). Apparently, our neighbourhood mechanic from the petrol station was also driving around looking for her since 7p.m. We got there but no dog!

The guard at Road 56 said there was no dog. Confused. Then wondered whether they are colluding to keep her by taking her home. After some further questioning, we realised the guard just took over the night shift. After some calls, another guard came and ask us to check House 19. So, we went down the road to the house.

Thank goodness she was found safely by Benny and family. I forget all their names in the excitement :(

Apparently, she ran up the road. Then along the main road (OMG) and two road down. Benny was driving home. Got down to catch her. She ran the opposite direct and straight to the guards at the guard house. The brave guard got their chairs up to shield themselves from her ("in the guards...we trust with our security...when they are scared of my girl!).

Anyway, Benny open his car door....and Dori jumped in without hesitation. She's way too trusting. Maybe he drives the same car model as me.

Dori made herself completely at home in the rescuer's house. At the house, she took me inside the garage to show me her new dog friends... which included a rescued Golden Retriever. I don't think she knows that she was lost. She is EXTREMELY lucky she found her rescuer family. We are extremely lucky that Ruki and Riko did not join in the escape.

Since my mum will be away in the U.K. for 6 weeks, my dad has been instructed to do a dog count every hour at day care. He thinks I'm crazy....I don't. I've been meaning to put my mobile number on their collars again for the longest time (since they got their new dog tags). Now, I really have to do it!

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rara pirate said...

Omg! Thank God dear Dori was found and is back with you! Been thinking of her..miss her!