Friday, August 31, 2012

My boy, the aeroplane

For the past 2 days, my boy has been taking extra time.... I mean a long time getting into the car to go home at night. When we signal to go home, it is signal for him to start to look for his bone in the garden, sit down and scratch his stomach, stretch and roll on the ground. Then, he will stretch spread eagle chewing his bone. Despite calling yelling at him to get in the car, he doesn't budge.
So for 2 straight days, I had to drive out the house and closed the gate and hide the car behind the bushes outside to wait. All he did was look up to see me drive away, unfazed by my departure. Not even running to the gate to see that I actually he used to.

I reversed my car to the front and opened the gate. He looked up as if he half-expected me back. After a few seconds, he looked mighty glad I came back. He grabs his bone and races down the driveway. Literally, raced down and jumped into the car.
I was so nervous that he would hurt himself jumping in at high speed. So, tonight...I closed the back door to avoid another high-speed jump. He jumped into the driver seat instead!
I wonder whether he finds it hard to jump up the car seat now. He can spend a few minutes standing at by the car door before finally jumping in. Now, it looks like he needs an entire driveway length to launch himself into the car!
I will have to watch this development closely.


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