Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who's the boss?

My son and I are back to the phase when we are negotiating on our walking route every day.

When we disagree, he will just sit down refusing to budge an inch. So, we are usually on the sidewalk - me standing, he sitting, for a couple of "stand-off" minutes. And, there's no way pull an 80-pounder boy to his feet gracefully. In one long deadlock moment this week, I had to tie him on a nearby tree while I waited a few feet away at our front gate. He seemed contented just sitting under the tree waiting too. I think he was ready to sit there all night. Hmmm....

As a result of that, he got a huge lecture and had his ears pulled and in turn, .... I have to concede an additional 2 new streets into our daily route. We still have some odd disputes in the last junction home. I have to remind him that I no longer kick a fuss when we start walking the last 2 new streets and he shouldn't kick a fuss when it's time to go home.

So far, so good.....well, until our next peace treaty.

My beeworks tumblr site seems to hang each time I access it. So, I have trouble updating it. Sigh, just when I have complete strangers following my unpublisized site. Anyway, I'm hoping for better results when I update my Windows soon.

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